Lorenzo Rossi , liutaio in Milano

Construction of Violas, Violins and Cellos

In the construction of modern instruments Lorenzo Rossi makes use of personal models inspired by the Milanese School and carries out copy reproductions of instruments made in the antique Milanese tradition. The timber woods are personally and scrupulously chosen. The entire making process is performed manually without any use of machinery.
The gluing process is carried out with hide/animal glue in controlled environment. Amber based oil varnishes made in the workshop according to personally elaborated recipes are preferred, unless other specific requirements are made by client.
There is a lot of attention paid to grounding wood in order to isolate it from varnish without dirtying the pores and conferring intensity to the varnish overlaid.

Cello 2010

Violin 2009 Lorenzo Rossi model

Cello 2008

Cello 2007

Cello 2007

Cello 2007

Violin 2009

Viola 2006

Violin Ornati model