Lorenzo Rossi , liutaio in Milano


Teaching the course "Construction of bowed instruments" at the Civic School of Violin Making in Milan that he graduated with distinction and member of Association of Italian Luthiers, Lorenzo Rossi launched his own shop in 2004.

In 2008 he was awarded two silver medals in the categories of violin and cello at the National Violin Making Contest of Pisogne.
He provided consultation to: "The Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology" at the opening of “Luthier’s Workshop” after renovation – donation of Bisiach family;
Paola Calvetti – a writer of the Mondadori Publishing House whose works have been translated to various languages who integrated descriptions of antique instruments in her own novels;
Bode Ltd., and D’addario Italy (responsible for stringed instruments).

He has regularly participated in trade fairs taking place in Italy and abroad "Mondomusica" in Cremona, "Musikmesse Frankfurt" in Frankfurt am Main and "Music China" in Shanghai. There were several interviews dedicated to him by The Strad, "E' lavoro" di Avvenire, Il Giornale, Radio 24, job Milano.


After getting diploma in "Bowed instruments construction", he restoration career attending the workshops held by Maestro Carlos Arcieri (New York). The participation in courses of international interest enabled him to obtain up-to-date information on new materials and techniques constantly. That also gave him an opportunity to compare different styles and methods leading him to developing a specific personal taste.

Among the most important courses are: "Silicon Mold Making for the Reproduction of Bowed Instruments" held by M° Sharon Que, "Varnishing and Antichization Techniques of Bowed Instruments" held by M° Gregg Alf, "Set-Up and Sound Adjustment" with the M° Paolo Sorgentone and Michele Mecatti (Florence), the seminars of M° Guy Rabut (New York).

Construction of Violas, Violins and Cellos

In the construction of modern instruments Lorenzo Rossi makes use of personal models inspired by the Milanese School and carries out copy reproductions of instruments made in the antique Milanese tradition. The timber woods are personally and scrupulously chosen. The entire making process is performed manually without any use of machinery.
The gluing process is carried out with hide/animal glue in controlled environment. Amber based oil varnishes made in the workshop according to personally elaborated recipes are preferred, unless other specific requirements are made by client.
There is a lot of attention paid to grounding wood in order to isolate it from varnish without dirtying the pores and conferring intensity to the varnish overlaid.

Instrument Set-up

For Lorenzo Rossi the set-up of a bowed instrument is the most delicate and interesting professional aspect. The achievement of the right trim is born out of synergy between musician and violin maker: in a workshop both of them pursue and strike a balance between the power and strength of the instrument and acoustic needs and the convenience of the instrument player.

Buying and Selling Instruments

Besides selling instruments of his own production, Maestro Rossi is also capable of getting old and new instruments from other violin makers according to the desires expressed by client.

Instrument appraisal – Free of charge

Lorenzo Rossi is pleased to offer his own professional opinion regarding dating and appraisal of bowed instruments.